Dino Solar Bot

₹ 1,299

Dino Solar Bot provide your child with a new understanding of solar power as a source of renewable energy, but will also get your kids outdoors for some wholesome fun in the sun.  This kit gives your child the option to easily transform between one of four different modes: Robot – walking legs as well as moving wheels, Insecta – 6 walking legs as well as moving jaws, T-Rex –  2 walking legs and moving jaws, and Drill Vehicle – similar to a miner’s driller/drilling bit  and moving wheels


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Assembled Dims: Robot:55x95x105,2.1"x3.7"x4.1"; Insecta: 132x80x50, 5.2"x3.1"x2"; T-Rex: 136x80x50, 5.4"x3.1"x2"; Drill Veh: 110x60x55, 4.3"x2.4"x2.2" Solar Panel Output:75mA